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i love my man so much more than words can say till death do us part no1 will steal us from eachother

im sweet pretty caring luvin i luv all my friends,kids ariel and jasmine . engaged to a guy named ashton I met in college things have changed a lot we also have a female quaker parrot named pearl.

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just ask i guess but ill give a little description
im longer 21 i am 32. im sweet kind caring loving helpful respectful.I have good manners im a classy girl im not really rich im average.I was brought up well by my wonderful parents.Im Irish,Scottish,English.Ive had the good times bad times up and downs growing up but hell i think ive had a good life.I love my family, friends, and i love my love of my life bf which he knows and i know who he is.There is a lot to say about me but it'd take to much room thats mostly why i said just ask. I messed up with high school 11th grade i regret making that mistake cause im stuck getting a ged that i dont know if ill ever get if i dont ever pass the math part which is all i need to pass.all the mistakes ive made good amount of them. People see im a lot better than i used through out my whole life ive learned from and regret a to be a long time ago and that im a lot more grown up responsible and .But really you may ask if you want to know more. But my page mostly explains me if you really want to know me.My myspace also somewat says a lot bout me and my other one is listed up in the music section and this one is my other one so check them both out.
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Music cant believe hover deleted my stuff n i dont member everythin i put like pictures nd wat not
i like wat i like but you can feel free to ask but to give u a jist i like country and so on.I used to have a huge cd collection.Check out my myspace angelsummagrl
lemme kno wat u think esp of my songs i wrote that r copywritted by me.myspace im s/n is angelsummagrl.i got many pages myspaces,hovers,facebook,
my yearbook,tagged,etc.

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Movies action,mystery/suspence,
drama,romance,chick flicks,horror,disney movies esp the 1's i grew up w.
One thing my Mom and i love are Disaster Movies like 10.5,Dante's Peak,Volcano,Twister,
Night of the Twisters and so on so on.Also one my fav movies is Titanic although i do have a lot of favorites.I used to have a huge dvd collection as well,i do got a lot vhs's esp a lot of disney movies on vhs.although a good amount of my dvd collection ended up missing so idk.

Sports uhm well i like football.Eagles and Patriots(nfl).i like playing volleyball.I used to horseback ride i miss that.Red Sox's i guess.Lowell spinners,Worcster tornado's now worc bravehearts<-which the three names i named is baseball.i like hockey.I also did modeling i miss that as well.I played scoccer when i was little i dont really miss that though.I loved the games we played during PE in school although fit and nutrition class was fun but i didnt really like the exercising to much but it was ok.I love to go swimming in a pool,lake,esp in the ocean on a beach i love the beach.
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Music Video:
Hobbies knitting,watching tv, movies, hanging out with friends would love hanging and doing things/whatever with my special guy,realaxing,being on the computer,phone and etc(so much more).Irish times,Bowling.My daughters Ariel Belle M. and jasmine rose m-s.I had mentioned in other cateogories that i love the beach ,walking in the sand,the ocean.I like to fish tho it gets frustrating,snow shoeing in the winter,hiking,ice skating nd etc,i like to do arts and crafts n try to do pottery nd other fun projects, i can fix sum things im not so smart on a lot of things but i am pretty smart on things and there are some that im not smart on but really theres so many things i like to do i pretty much named a jist of them but if theres anything else you may ask that i didnt add that i may like or may not.I like to sing,dance,have fun. We have a youtube channel called disneyfanfam which we do videos.

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General I love animals. I have a cat at my dads house named Cupcake and a quaker parrot bird at my moms house named Buster.I love bubble baths,romantic dinners with candlelight and nice romantic music like oldies or love song type stuff or such.I love romance. cupcake passed away and we got booboo she was given to aunt moe due to my dad selling his house and moving to an apt. Buster recently also passed cupcake was burried in the yard and buster is in a box as a pile of ashes.
I love Choc Fudge. I love teddybears and stuffed animals. I love flowers.( theres a lot more but this is just a jist)Im really only looking for friends because as i said i love my boyfriend hes my life my everything hes the only person i want to be with till our walk is through and he and i meet again in another place,hes the only one i belong with and is meant to be with and the person i want a family with and i did also say that he and i know who he is.I have my hopes dreams goals that i want to accomplish and a plan for my future/for my life.But i do like/love/hate many things.If i didnt mention anything you may ask and ill say whether i dont like i hate i love i like you know also i do have an advice column if you need anything at all feel free to message me comment me email me which my email is hottsxyfallenangelonfire@ i got instent messengers you can im me at i even got myspace and mypsace which is listed in the intro text includin my myspace im s.n.

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